This is the application server of the Institute for Software Technology. Most of the applications are public, some are only accessible for university members. Below, you can refer to some of the hosted applications.

The institute for Software Technology is a part of the Faculty 4: Computer Science faculty of the University of Koblenz-Landau.

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MoMa is the electronic module manual of the Faculty 4: Computer Science. In this application, you can find detailed information about all the programs of study of the faculty.

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Teams is a system to support you when you want to organize groups, e.g. for exercises. Users can create courses. Members can register to the groups.

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CLAIRE is a simple tool for classroom interactive response. The audience participates using their smart phones. During the votings, the results and votes are shown "live".

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Simple QR Code generator. Codes can be generated in different sizes, ready to download or to embed a dynamically created QR code into your university web site.

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Collection of media files for the Computer Science Faculty. T he collection contains logos for the faculty, its institutes, and some research groups.

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