Module Import 04IM1016 - Entrepreneurship

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Workload6 ECTS = 180 hrs
Credits, Weight6 ECTS, (n.s.)
Language of Instruction English
Semester (n.s.)
Duration1 Sem.
M/E Elective
Course No. Type Name MA/EL Workload Credits Contact Hours Selfstudy Group Size
04IM1016-1 Lecture Entrepreneurship EL 3 ECTS = 90 hrs 3 ECTS 2 hrs/week = 30 hrs 60 hrs 30
04IM1016-2 Exercise Entrepreneurship EL 3 ECTS = 90 hrs 3 ECTS 2 hrs/week = 30 hrs 60 hrs 30
Learning Outcomes

Knowledge and understanding

Upon successful completion of this module, students will understand the basic theories and models of entrepreneurship, identify the relevant tools, models and information necessary for dealing with entrepreneurial problem situations, and develop an understanding of the basic principles of entrepreneurship.

After the successful completion of this module students:

  • understand the basic theories and models of entrepreneurship,
  • can identify the relevant tools, models and information which are necessary for dealing with entrepreneurial problem situations,
  • can apply the models and instruments taught in the module in a practical situation,
  • can distinguish between different models and theories to choose the best fitting for their entrepreneurial idea,
  • can create their own business plan with regard to the content covered in the module,
  • can judge business ideas with regard to their feasibility and scalability.

Communication and cooperation
(key competences)

☒ Conceptual competencies

☒ Communication skills

☐ Presentation skills

☒ Ability to work in a team

☒ Leadership ability/ Making decisions/ Acting entrepreneurially

☐ Negotiate

☐ Intercultural Competence

☒ Time management/Organization


(not specified)

04IM1016-1 - Entrepreneurship

Students will be provided with a general introduction into the concepts of entrepreneurship and learn to develop a complete business plan. After finishing this module students will be enabled to collect and critically evaluate information regarding company foundation, company takeover as well as growth and internationalization. Furthermore, they will learn methods to develop creative ideas and initiate problem solving processes. Entrepreneurship has been established in start-up and corporate environments. The objective of this module is to provide an introduction in the topic of entrepreneurship through examples and case studies across different sectors.


  • Introduction to entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial methods
  • Entrepreneurial personality and mindset
  • Teams and leadership
  • Creativity and opportunities
  • Customer development
  • Minimum viable product
  • Business models
  • Entrepreneurial marketing and elevator pitching
  • Entrepreneurial finance and presentation
Teaching Methods

(not specified)


(not specified)

Examination Methods

☐ Written exam

☐ Graded submissions

☒ Practical project work (SiP)

☐ Presentation with written elaboration

☐ Student Research Assembling/House Work

☐ Practical exercise

☒ Portfolio

☒ Case Study

Credit Requirements

(not specified)


(not specified)

04IM1016-1 - Entrepreneurship


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Weiterführende Literatur:

Buch, Nikolaus; Oehme, Sven C.; Punkenhofer, Robert (2003): Firmengründung in den USA: Ein Handbuch für die Praxis. Springer: Berlin

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Responsible / Organizational Unit
von Korflesch, Harald / Institute for Management
Additional Information

This module is also offered for English-language dual degree courses of the IM Master's programme via E-/Blended Learning.

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