Module Import 04WI2007 - Research Methods

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Workload6 ECTS = 180 hrs
Credits, Weight6 ECTS, (n.s.)
Language of Instruction English
Semester (n.s.)
Duration1 Sem.
M/E Elective
Course No. Type Name MA/EL Workload Credits Contact Hours Selfstudy Group Size
04WI2007-1 Lecture Forschungsmethoden V (n.s.) 3 ECTS = 90 hrs 3 ECTS 2 hrs/week = 30 hrs 60 hrs (n.s.)
04WI2007-2 Seminar Forschungsmethoden S (n.s.) 3 ECTS = 90 hrs 3 ECTS 2 hrs/week = 30 hrs 60 hrs (n.s.)
Learning Outcomes

The module provides an introduction to research philosophy, research methods and research design.
The aims of the module are twofold:

  1. To provide an in-depth examination of the key themes and debates in Science and Technology Studies (STS). At the end of the module, students should have a good understanding of the basic epistemological controversies in social research and interpretations of what constitutes scientific knowledge.
  2. To provide an introduction to Research Design. At the end of the module, students should be able to present a well-constructed research design that shows how their research aims and objectives are achieved through the selection of appropriate research methodologies and methods.

Topics covered include:

  • Science and Technology studies – epistemologies and research traditions
  • Post-positivist vs. Interpretive research approaches
  • Qualitative vs. quantitative approaches
  • Research design – approaches and frameworks for understanding
  • Identifying and expressing aims, objectives and research questions
  • The role of theory
  • Undertaking a review of the extant literature and an overview of scholarly communication
  • Effective research information management
  • Research quality and research ethics

Mode of delivery: The class comprises a mixture of lectures, presentations and smaller discussion group sessions in which students are required to relate research theory to their proposed research design.

Teaching Methods

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Examination Methods

Seminar paper and presentation

Credit Requirements

(not specified)


Sismodo, Sergio (2010) An Introduction to Science and Technology Studies. (2nd Edition) Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell.

Cresswell, J.W. (2008) Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches (3rd Edition) London: SAGE Publications, Inc.

Use of this Module
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Williams, Susan / Institute for IS Research
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