Module Import 04WI2022 - Information, Technology and Society

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Workload6 ECTS = 180 hrs
Credits, Weight6 ECTS, (n.s.)
Language of Instruction English
Semester (n.s.)
Duration1 Sem.
M/E Elective
Course No. Type Name MA/EL Workload Credits Contact Hours Selfstudy Group Size
04WI2022-1 Lecture Information, Technology and Society (n.s.) 3 ECTS = 90 hrs - 2 hrs/week = 30 hrs 60 hrs (n.s.)
04WI2022-2 Seminar/Exercise Information, Technology and Society (n.s.) 3 ECTS = 90 hrs - 2 hrs/week = 30 hrs 60 hrs (n.s.)
Learning Outcomes

The Information, Technology and Society course focuses on understanding how information and technologies are impacting and shaping contemporary and future societies. The overall aim of the course is to introduce students to theories of information society and to examining the ethical issues surrounding the design and use of new technologies. We place specific emphasis on the ways that digital work and workplaces are being transformed by new technologies.

Students will develop skills and capabilities to apply appropriate methods for assessing and analysing the role, impact and ethical issues of information, technology and society and critically reflect on their role as future information and technology specialists.

Upon completion of the 6 ECTS module, students should be able to:

  • systematically and critically discuss, evaluate, and reflect on the key issues, debates, principles, concepts, and theories of the information society
  • apply appropriate methods for technology foresight and provide evidence based arguments to support their findings
  • plan, manage and write independent reflective research papers
  • analyse and reflect on complex material in individual and group work
  • prepare narrative visualisations and/or infographics to display complex ideas is a clear and accurate manner

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04WI2022-1 - Information, Technology and Society

Topics covered in the course include:

  • Theories of the information society
  • Science and technology studies and sociotechnical change
  • Technology foresight and constructive technology assessment
  • Anticipatory governance and the social amplification of risk
  • Designing sustainable digital futures with the Internet of Things
  • Finding and using evidence to mount a critical argument
  • Creation of narratives to visualise digital futures
Teaching Methods

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Examination Methods

There are two equally weighted assignment items:

Individual assignment (50% weighting of the total course grade)

Group assignment (50%) 

Students must pass both assignment items together to complete the 6ECTS course



Credit Requirements

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04WI2022-1 - Information, Technology and Society

Castells, M. (2010) The Rise of the Network Society, Vol. 1; 2nd Edition, Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell.

von Schomberg, R. (ed.) (2011) Towards Responsible Research and Innovation in the Information and Communication Technologies
and Security Technologies Fields. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union, doi 10.2777/58723.

Webster, F. (2006) Theories of the Information Society, 3rd Edition, Abingdon: Routledge.

Responsible / Organizational Unit
Williams, Susan / Institute for IS Research
Additional Information

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