Module Import 04WI2023 - Digital Rights and E-Transactions

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Workload6 ECTS = 180 hrs
Credits, Weight6 ECTS, (n.s.)
Language of Instruction English
Semester (n.s.)
Duration1 Sem.
M/E Elective
Course No. Type Name MA/EL Workload Credits Contact Hours Selfstudy Group Size
04WI2023-1 Lecture Digital Rights and E-Transactions (n.s.) 3 ECTS = 90 hrs - 2 hrs/week = 30 hrs 60 hrs (n.s.)
04WI2023-2 Seminar/Exercise Digital Rights and E-Transactions (n.s.) 3 ECTS = 90 hrs - 2 hrs/week = 30 hrs 60 hrs (n.s.)
Learning Outcomes

After the course the students know risks of electronic business with respect to copyright and with respect to the protection of corporate data. The students understand the existing technology for the management o digital rights. They are able to assess the perspectives of future development, and they will understand the impact of this development on business environments and on the society. They will be able to specify requirements for DRM systems from a societal, from a technical, and from a business point of view.


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04WI2023-1 - Digital Rights and E-Transactions

The students learn the state-of-the-art and future perspectives of DRM technologies and their role in electronic transactions. The course will present technical, societal, business, and legal aspects of virtual goods. Example topics include:

  1. Multimedia Technology: media formats, mp3, mpeg, codecs
  2. Digital watermarks
  3. Rights expression languages: ODRL, XrML, Creative Commons
  4. Classical DRM technologies: e.g. for Windows and iTunes
  5. Alternative marketing strategies: e.g. finetunes, PotatoSystem
  6. Legal Rights: copyright, information rights, privacy
  7. Digital economy: business models, transaction phases, distribution models
  8. E-commerce transactions: security, integration of payment and delivery
  9. Technological innovations: particularly in the recording industries
  10. Standardization: exisiting standards, standarization bodies
Teaching Methods

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Knowledge of basics of IT security: cryptography, digital signatures and certificates, authentication protocols, Internet security protocols, malware. Understanding of risks of information and communication applications in open networks.

Examination Methods

written exam
For seminar: written assignment and oral presentation
Requirement for the acquisition of credit points: regular and qualified participation in seminars and exercises.

Credit Requirements

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04WI2023-1 - Digital Rights and E-Transactions

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Grimm, Rüdiger / Institute for IS Research
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